Aveeno Haircare’s Ambassador Daphne Oz Loves Healthy Gut Flora And Apple Cider Rinses

Daphne Oz has such an enviable head of hair that recently a hairdresser who was styling her for the first time searched her scalp for where her presumed extensions were connected. “She was pulling my hair to see if it was real, which is always a good sign,” laughs the 33-year-old nutritionist and author on a rooftop patio at Los Angeles restaurant Gjelina. Her crowning glory, which is entirely her own BTW, is thick and undulating and is surely an added value to Aveeno, who recently signed Oz (yes, her dad is TV’s Dr. Oz) as the ambassador for their recently renovated haircare collection. Centered around a “farm-to-shower concept”, almost all of the products feature oat as the first ingredient—a deliberate throwback to the brand’s heritage, and the aspect of the brand’s story that Oz says she grew up knowing and loving—and they all include superfood based formulations, driven by ingredients such as apple cider, quinoa and almond milk. “The whole idea was really to harness this thought of feeding your hair,” she says.

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SO excited to share that I am teaming up with @aveenous as their first ever haircare ambassador!! I’ve always loved their brand’s focus on the nourishing properties of oats, and their fresh new haircare range is all farm-to-shower inspired, harnessing food-grade ingredients with therapeutic benefits to simplify your routine and feed your hair from root to tip with every use ✨👌 Today we celebrated #EarthDay #AveenoHairEarthMonth and the small acts of kindness for our planet that keep her beautiful with a Venice beach cleanup 🌎 Not only is @aveenous committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging, they are cruelty-free and never test on animals 🐇❤️ so excited for you to experience their whole nature-inspired line!!

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Oz, who wrote her first book The Dorm Room Diet when she was only 20 and has since written three more, obviously has lots to say about how we should be feeding our bodies. For starters, the mom of three with a fourth on the way, thinks it should be way less complicated. “I don’t subscribe to any way of eating that makes it more algorithmic than it needs to be,” she says, dismissing strict regimes like raw and paleo. “If you look at the way historically the health of humanity has survived, it’s by eating diversity of diet,” she says. “Look at the way Europeans eat— they have a piece of bread and fish for lunch. It’s not this extra stress.” She is also adamant about healthy gut flora. “Everyone needs to be taking a probiotic. Your gut is the gatekeeper of all the nutrition you absorb,” adding that digesting nutrients effectively affects everything from skin and hair to the way your body looks and feels. 

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NEW Aveeno Hair Care Oat Milk Blend is infused with the colloidal #oats you know and love and helps provide daily moisture to hair. #AveenoHair

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And she’s not above using food topically as beauty treatments, having used mashed strawberries (“I read they’re high in malic acid”) mixed with probiotic yogurt on her face and proudly stating she has used apple cider rinses on her hair “forever”. As for the products she loves from the Aveeno line most, she calls out the Quinoa & Blackberry Protein Blend collection for protecting her colour and the Oat Milk Blend Overnight Oats Hair Mask. “I’ll do it for 15 minutes and my hair feels revived.”

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