Studio Ghibli Fans Are Going to Love These Totoro and Ponyo-Themed Jackets

For over 30 years, Studio Ghibli has been wowing the world with their critically-acclaimed animated films. In beloved classics such as Spirited AwayPrincess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky and Kiki’s Delivery Service, the Tokyo-founded anime studio captures nostalgia and imagination with a distinctive aesthetic—an aesthetic that’s inspired a both a generation of filmmakers, and a generation of hypebeasts and baes.

To mark the anniversaries of two Studio Ghibli films–My Neighbour Totoro, released in 1988 and Ponyo, released 2008–a pair of themed bomber jackets have been made available to fans. The special edition unisex merch comes courtesy of the studio’s fashion brand GBL, with each featuring colourful embroidery that nods to their respective film.

And yes, the jackets are just as cool as you’d expect them to be. The My Neighbour Totoro piece comes with an embroidered Catbus on the back, along with the text “NEKOBASU” — the Japanese translation for the beloved character. (“Neko” translates to cat, “basu” translates to bus. Look, you’re learning something!)

The Ponyo jacket comes in a blue and coral colourway, mimicking the seaside setting of the 10-year-old film. The text on the back reads, “PONYO HAS COME.” (No translation necessary.)

Right now you’re probably thinking: “I need one of these silky, pop culture savvy bombers in my life.” Unfortunately there’s a catch. The jackets are available now on Studio Ghibli’s website for 29,800円 (approximately $350 CAD), but when you head to the site you’ll notice there’s no option for English translation. Which was a hurdle I was willing to overcome: I spent many hours studying Japanese in my university dorm room, and was willing to attempt combing through the intimidating amount of kanji for the sake of our FASHION readers. But as I began assessing the workload, I came across a familiar sentence…

Hey, at least we can admire the jackets from afar, right? (Or, if you’re really desperate to fill that Totoro-bomber size hole in your wardrobe, star saving your cash and keep an eye on Ebay and Grailed.)

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